Thursday, April 2, 2009

Alec Rosengarten Biography Located

In researching the history of the site, we located a book from the Harvard College library with a short biography about Alec Rosengarten that explains how he originally created this small neighborhood. It appears to have been published in 1932.

It states that “Alec Rosengarten was born in Russia, son of Isaac Rosengarten. At the early age of 14 years he left home and friends and native land, and without kindred or companion, he crossed the broad Atlantic and arrived in America with a few hundred dollars and a purpose to make a fortune. That was in 1889. “

“Some time ago he made a large purchase in West Cabarrus Street. At that time there was no connection between Cabarrus Street and Boylan Heights, but Mr. Rosengarten Gave the land over with which it was necessary to make the connection, and by that act became a public benefactor. “ You can download the full bio by clicking here.

This is the original plat that he had recorded.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Small House Design Co-Operative to be Formed

Word has gotten out about what we are up to at Rosengarten and a number of architects have expressed a desire to participate in the creation of the houses that will be built there. We have decided to open the architectural designs up to a few well known architects in the belief that it will add interest and diversity to the project. The idea is based in part on a design competition that was sponsored by the City of Portland called urban smart homes. Our variation would have a smaller number of architects participating and an atmosphere of collaboration rather then competition. We are working on the specifics of the profit and will have more details in the near future. A broad outline/schedule is shown below:

Architecture Board
Create/edit architectural design standards
Designs are approved for catalog by board,

Design Standards
Focus on massing, size, interaction with lot and neighboring buildings, with room for architectural innovation

House Catalog
Buyers can choose from designs for specific lots

Website & blog
The website will display all designs and provide links to the designers
The website will display all board members, bio’s, and links to their sites.
Board members may participate on blog, publish related articles, videos, pics and links as appropriate


March –
First draft of design standards provided for review.
Provide photo, bio, links, for website

Finalize design standards
Provide basic information for design, an elevation, description of goals or features, approx size & cost
Creation and review of catalog’s informational sections

Start of promotion, reservation list
Refine plans

Complete plans & pricing Presales be begin

We hope to have final approval from the City Council in August